subA SCUBA-diving tour in the waters surrounding Miramare promontory is an unforgettable experience, where you can enjoy stunning views of Miramare Castle while exploring the rich and diverse underwater environment.

Only certified divers can participate in SCUBA-diving tours, which are always led by Miramare MPA’s underwater guides. Before starting the tour, guides explain the peculiarities of local marine habitats and organisms, also showing a few photos and videos, and point out recommendations and procedures to be observed during the visit to avoid disturbance to the underwater environment.

Visits are carried out from late spring to late summer, in small groups of max 10 certified SCUBA-divers accompanied by an instructor (a higher number of divers is not only forbidden by the Reserve Regulations, but would also decrease diving quality).

The activity starts with a brief presentation of Miramare MPA’s environmental features. The SCUBA-diving tour starts from Bagno Ducale and is carried out along an underwater itinerary that reaches a maximum depth of 9 meters.

During the diving tour (approx. one-hour duration) visitors can freely observe a variety of peculiar habitats and organisms at close distance, as long as they strictly follow the rules in force in the MPA.


The SCUBA-diving tour starts from Bagno Ducale area, which is located in the Park of Miramare close to the Castle. After a short surface swim, the group reaches the diving point at the edge of Miramare Cliff: the underwater itinerary follows the cliff all around the Castle, reaching a maximum depth of 9 meters.


The cost amounts to 200 euros for the whole group.


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