This is an exhibition of Art & Science on Pinna nobilis (common name the noble pen shell), which is the largest bivalve mollusk in the Mediterranean, and the victim of an epidemic that is leading it to extinction. But what can art say about a mollusk? What can illustrators, sculptors and graphic designers add to the descriptions offered by science and scientists? The answer is that they add a parallel but also synergic, and we would venture to say symbiotic narrative to that offered by science.

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What fifteen young artists have created through illustrations, comics, glass sculptures, wrought iron installations, works in tactile design and more, is a real ‘story’: it is the story of Pinna nobilis, the greatest large bivalve mollusk of the Mediterranean, the risk it is running due to a parasite that is decimating its populations from the Spanish coasts to the Upper Adriatic, and how the scientific world is moving to monitor and conserve this species.

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# Art4Fan, a project promoted by the Marine Protected Area of Miramare, thought of telling this story during the course of the #cirimettiamolepinne scientific dissemination campaign, created within the ‘Restofan’ project.
The protagonists of this initiative are 15 artists who at the end of the summer in 2020, after a day of full scientific immersion together with the researchers of MPA Miramare, OGS and the University of Trieste then proceeded to create many works of art, each artist with their own creative inspiration and representative technique. Overall, the works have created a meaningful narrative path on the large mollusk, from its biological characteristics to its ecological role, and also regarding the activities carried out by the “Restorfan” project, from monitoring to genetic analysis and from citizen science events to scientific publications.

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The # Art4Fan project was created with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Restorfan project, which was financed by the French Facility for Global Environment and the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, among the projects selected by MedPAN. It has collaborated with the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste, the Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics and the newspaper ‘Il Piccolo’ as media partner. The works of Art4Fan are by Isacco Alberti, Niccolò Argenti, Damiano Avoledo, Alessia Bontempi, Mattia Cassaro, Manuela Ceresoli, Valérie Cortelazzi, Silvia Patricia Mantoani, Elisabetta Milan, Elena Perco, Massimo Spadari, Giada Tonello, Greta Vettori, to which are added the photographs of Lorenzo Peter Castelletto and Saul Ciriaco of the MPA Miramare staff.

The exhibition which was set up for the first time in the Xenia room in Trieste in October 2020 is available for any organizations or institutions that may be interested in one of its exhibits.
For information: 

tel: 040 224147 ext. 3,

email: info@riservamarinamiramare.it

Translation by Vicki Ann Holder