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Nursery School

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A visit to the multisensory Visitor Centre

A virtual walk on the sea bottom, where the use of our senses is stimulated by a multisensory tour that simulates a real underwater experience. Participants walk barefoot and dive into a variety of sensations: touch is activated in the touch-tank, hearing is aroused by the surrounding sounds of the sea, sight is stimulated by the “diving dome” and the educational fish tanks. Discovering the marine world through the senses and a direct contact with marine organisms increases emotional participation and makes learning easier and more effective.
Indoor activity.
Duration: approximately 1 hour.
NOTE: this preliminary visit to the Visitor Centre is strongly suggested before participating in any other educational activity.


Colours, sounds and smells of the sea

A guided tour along Miramare MPA beach to discover the secrets of the sea and its magic through the senses: by participating in emotionally involving activities and using their sight, hearing, smell and touch, children get a first insight into the marine environment and learn to recognize its everchanging colours, the diversity of forms of its inhabitants, the most peculiar smells and the most interesting sounds, that will be reinterpreted in a special closing sea concert.
Outdoor activity.
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30’.
NOTE: The activity can be carried out only in certain phases of the tidal cycle; feasibility must therefore be checked by calling the Educational Activity Office.

A Fabolous Reserve

An animated tale where the big stars are fish, hermit crabs, starfish, whales and sea turtles is the key to draw children closer to the marine environment making them aware of the importance of protecting it. The vivid participation of bizarre and adventurous characters and the use of tools, languages and methods appropriate for childhood will allow to face relevant topics related to the marine environment, the diversity of animals and plants living in the different habitats, the problem of marine pollution.
Indoor or outdoor activity.
Duration: approximately 1 hour.

Footprints in the sea

This open-air laboratory is carried out on the beach at close distance from the shoreline. WWF-Miramare guides lead children to the discovery of marine animals and plants living in the Gulf of Trieste through a safe underwater exploration, where only the feet are immersed in water and special viewers are used to watch the underwater world. Fish, green and red algae, crustaceans and mollusks are just a few of the organisms that children will observe and recognize with the help of easy-to-read spotting sheets. Once back on the beach, children will participate in an educational game to better understand forms and colours of the organisms they have just observed, and to learn how they are adapted for life in specific environments.
Outdoor activity carried out in May, June and September.
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30’.