ricerca subOne of Miramare MPA’s institutional aims is to carry out scientific research applied to marine resource management. In this perspective, natural resource management becomes an effective tool for implementing environmental protection measures, while ensuring a balanced and respectful interaction between man and the environment. In other words, marine applied research becomes a sort of laboratory for the sustainable development of coastal territories. For this reason, the study of ecosystems and local protected species is a basic management tool for Miramare MPA, as data obtained from investigations and monitoring activities allow to assess management effectiveness on a regular basis, so that appropriate variations can be done if necessary.

Miramare MPA’s research and monitoring activities have always been part of a wider scientific network, not only at the local but also at the national and international level. Collaborations with relevant marine institutes, such as the University of Trieste and OGS (National Institute for Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics of Trieste), have allowed to benefit of specific expertise in a variety of fields, eventually leading to sound marine protection measures. These collaborations have also helped to promote and raise awareness on the importance of marine protected areas.

The long-term research activities are well-documented by a high number of scientific publications, dissemination and education material and academic theses (the complete list is available on this website), as well as by several tutorial books, guides and manuals (targeted to different age groups) that can be purchased at the Visitor Centre.

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