Dissemination 2.0

Rostanga Barby 2


What can a Marine Protected Area do during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Continue to do what it has always done but with different methods and tools, thanks to the help of computers, tablets and smartphones. So we too at the Miramare MPA, in addition to guaranteeing the necessary surveillance and conservation activities of the marine environment (because #lanaturanonsiferma), are working to continue our scientific dissemination action for the sea, biodiversity and nature … in version 2.0.


Every day, on the social networks of theMiramare MPA and on this website, there is an appointment with one of the many species that populate our BioMa – Marine Biodiversity, to discover its secrets and curiosities.


On the Miramare MPA’s YouTube channel there are a series of tutorials, created by Chiara from the Marine Area staff. She will guide your children step by step to create some of the inhabitants of the Gulf of Trieste in a simple and easy way. Chiara will also reveal some curiosities which will make us think about the fact that shapes and colors, in Nature, are never random!

Download the coloring pages!

Download HERE the White seabream coloring page
Download HERE the seahorse coloring page
Download HERE the crab coloring page
Download HERE the shark coloring page
Download HERE the turtle coloring page
Download HERE the dolphin coloring page

MIRAQUIZ "The treasures of the Park"


From Trieste to Hong Kong, from Edinburgh to the gulf of Mexico, every evening starting from 6 April, some researchers and marine biologists friends of the Miramare MPA will keep us company at aperitif time, telling us about their research activities in words and using images on the sea, from the importance of krill for the Antarctic food web to coral monitoring, from the impact of fishing on marine tourism to the reproduction of the fin whale. And so on…

Where to listen to them? On the YouTube channel and on our social networks, every weekday starting from April 6th!


Jellyfish, sharks, lobsters, cuttlefish, seahorses but also bees and bats and many other interesting animals are the protagonists of an unusual “bestiary” presented in installments by the biologists and naturalists of Miramare MPA but also by friends and colleagues with a passion for the sea and nature … and for children!

Translation by Vicki Ann Holder