From preschool to high/secondary school, all classes that visit Miramare will find a wide range of educational proposals. These are the result of the over thirty years of experience of the WWF and the Marine Protected Area in the field of environmental education and sustainability. Every activity is based on the principles of environmental understanding and is intended to actively involve the students, stimulate their curiosity, the pleasure of discovery, and their interest in and feelings towards Nature.

See the educational activities for secondary schools here.


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How to inform the younger generations about the sea and the rich biodiversity that makes it unique, the delicate balance that regulates all marine ecosystems, and how human impact can compromise all this?
It is possible thanks to the BioMa, the new immersive museum which opened in 2018 in the former Miramare stable, its educational areas contain: a laboratory, a projection room and a comfortable space for younger children. It is also possible thanks to the REEFugio, the protected beach and the Miramare Marine Protected Area. The Miramare MPA is an Environmental Education Centre that has been recognized by MIUR, (in English: ‘The Ministry of Education, University and Research’), for over 30 years. The centre offers schools numerous options for different ways to visit, in order to discover and find out about the marine-coastal environment. All the Miramare MPA’s offers are updated every year.
The activities proposed by the staff of WWF biologists and naturalists are characterized by a clear scientific approach. The approach and methods used are adapted as appropriate accord- ing to the age groups involved. With young children activities are playful and interactive with a focus on sensory experiences. With the older children and adolescents, more traditional methods of environmental research are used that involve them in activities such as the surveying environmental parameters, sampling flora and fauna, and processing long transects.


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Completing the Miramare MPA educational offer are nature tours and guided walks that have botanic, faunistic, geological and historical-landscape themes. These take place in the Miramare Castle Park, the UNESCO MaB Miramare Reserve, and along the Trieste coast including: the Ril- ke path, the Duino Cliff Reserve and in the area of the Timavo river springs in San Giovanni di Duino.

For foreign schools, the activities can also be conducted in English.

For information on the modules and methods of participation, contact the education office on +39 040 224147 ext. 3 or by writing to


Translation by Vicki Ann Holder