What better way to visit a marine reserve than to dive into its protected waters, so that you can discover its rich biodiversity of habitats and species?

We are talking about Snorkeling or surface finswimming. From June to September every year, we can offer you the opportunity to go into the completely protected zone of the Marine Area, to observe the hundreds of species of marine animals and plants that populate it. In small groups, accompanied by the WWF staff you will be able to swim among the schools of dream fish (Sarpa salpa), white sea bream and damselfish (Chromis chromis). Thanks to the skill and experience of the WWF guides, you may come across the rarest brown meagre (or corb), or be able to spot sea creatures that might otherwise escape more inexperienced eyes, such as blennies, nudibranchs, sponges, anemones and many others.


The itineraries proposed within the marine area wind along the coast, at the foot of Miramare Castle, along a shallow underwater path among the rocks and a few metres from the shore. Every summer there are departures offered from Miramare’s protected beach or from the port of Grignano, where you take the Reserve’s boat to reach the diving area.


Snorkeling is a way of observing the underwater environment that suitable for everyone, adults and children. The only requirement is to be able to swim and to use the simple, necessary equipment: mask, snorkel and fins.


But why go guided seawatching at the Miramare Reserve when you can ‘snorkel’ freely outside the protected area? There are at least two good reasons!


The first reason is the extraordinary density of population and biodiversity of marine organisms present in Miramare, due to the so-called “Reserve effect”: Over thirty years without fishing and without disturbance from men or boats have made this stretch of sea a truly heavenly place.

The remarkable presence of species found in only a few of metres depth is also the result of another phenomenon that is known as ‘zone compression’. This is a rapid succession of increasingly dark environments, which develop over the depth of only a few metres, and condense different situations of light, that elsewhere would evolve over tens of metres in depth. This is a phenomenon that is in fact, typical of the whole of the Gulf of Trieste.

Species that in other places would be found at a great distance from one other, live in close contact here and at Miramare you can see this very well.

Ercolania caerulea
The second reason is the pleasure of discovery and knowledge! How many times have you observed fish or other creatures in the sea that you have not been able to recognize and which you would have liked to know more about? While marine life watching in the Reserve, the skilled and knowledgeable WWF guides will not only help you to recognize the species and reveal curiosities about their characteristics and habits, but will lead you to the places where it is easier to find yourself swimming among schools of fish that are not at all intimidated by your presence,. They will help you find dens and shelters among the reefs or hidden on the seabed or to identify the smaller yet more fascinating creatures such as the colorful nudibranchs or the timid blenny… who find it difficult to hide from the expert eyes of our WWF guides!

SEASON 2024!

As early as mid-June, small organized groups (minimum 5, maximum 6 participants) can book an excursion at the Miramare MPA while the fixed appointments officially begin on June 24th!
So here are all the details!


The excursions are preceded by a briefing in BioMa and preparation at the equipped facilities of the REEFugio, which is equipped with toilets and changing rooms, and the possibility of renting a neoprene suit and fins for free, while masks and snorkels must be personal and participants must bring them with them. We would like to remind you that, in compliance with the anti covid regulations, the suits will be sanitized after each use and the premises (BioMa and the REEFugio) sanitized twice a day.


From 22 June to 15 September:
– every Saturday and Sunday from , at 10 am and 4 pm
– every Thursday, at 2 pm an 4 pm

From 2 July to 30 August, also:
– every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 pm

DURATION: about two and a half hours

MEETING: BioMa (former Miramare Castle Stables)

COST: 30 euros per participant

FACILITIES: neoprene underwear and fins on free loan – guided tour of BioMa – services and changing rooms available to participants

REQUIREMENT: be able to swim and use snorkeling equipment

RESERVATION: compulsory!


If you are a family or a small group of friends (minimum 5 maximum 6 participants) contact us to arrange an ad hoc excursion on a date or time that meets your availability!


Tel. 040 224147 – ext 3 (Mon-Fri 10am -1pm)

Tel. 040 224346 (Sat and Sun 10am – 6pm)



Translation by Vicki Ann Holder