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Preserve, monitor, disclose. At the Miramare Marine Protected Area, scientific dissemination and environmental education on the one hand, and conservation and research activities on the other, have always enjoyed the same dignity. In addition to the educational programmes for schools of all levels (click HERE to find out more), every year the WWF staff plans and implements dissemination initiatives concerning the marine and coastal environment. This is done in collaboration with local authorities, organizations and institutions, with the common goal of raising the awareness of the general public and the younger generations on the importance of the sea, on its extraordinary biodiversity, on the balances that govern it and on the pressures to which we are subjecting it.


This is an e-book to discover how much our life depends on Nature, and how many and what are the products and services that the ecosystems of sea and coast provide us with every day.


"Gifts of biodiversity"


This is an interactive path along the Barcola seafront to discover what plastic and microplastic waste are and their effects on marine ecosystems.


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This is an Art & Science exhibition concerning Pinna nobilis (common name – the noble pen shell), which is the largest bivalve mollusk in the Mediterranean and the victim of an epidemic that is leading it to extinction. Fifteen artists, each with their own creative inspiration, tell of the ecological importance of this sea creature and of the scientific research and monitoring activities promoted by MPA Miramare as part of the “Restorfan” project.

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The spring 2020 lockdown caused by the COVID19 health emergency also forced the WWF AMP Miramare staff to rethink their dissemination activities. Several proposals have been created which are intended to give continuity to the popularization of the WAP using new tools, languages ​​and methods, capable of reaching the public, families and students directly in their homes or in their classrooms. It is the “Divulgation 2.0” of the AMP Miramare, of which you will find some proposals below.