In addition to visiting our BioMa, discovering a lot of new information about the sea and its living beings, you will also have the opportunity to take home a souvenir to remember your new discoveries. Apart from exceptional gifts and souvenirs for you to remember your visit, there are also great ideas for birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents, to give to the people you love most.

Cuddly Toys

Among the beautiful gifts we must tell you about our WWF cuddly toys. You will be amazed by the quality of these toys and the ‘Trudi’ products of the main creatures of the upper Adriatic. You will find all of them, from those who use the currents to move about, to the typical inhabitants of the seabed and even the rarest and the species most difficult to spot. Children, loved ones and anyone keen on these things, can only be delighted by receiving such a gift. In addition to the sea creatures there are also land animals such as the peregrine falcon and the pink flamingo.



In addition to beautiful cuddly toys, other highlights among the souvenirs available at BioMa are our t-shirts. You will find something for all tastes and sizes. From those symbolic of BioMa with the images of all the species present in the MPA, to super funny ones. Another great gift for loved ones and friends are our canvas bags, which are all embellished with special designs and graphics.

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Gifts and Souvenirs

Who wouldn’t want to drink a good coffee in the morning using our BioMa cup? Look how nice they are! In addition to the cups there are also WWF bracelets and water bottles and fantastic animal shaped key rings. Take a trip to BioMa to discover them.



The same graphics used to decorate the cup have also been used to decorate our pencils which could become a small, precious memory of your visit to BioMa. Does the perfect match exist? Sure there is… the one between the pencil and its diary. Don’t miss it!



Books are essential for remembering all the marine specimens observed while snorkelling in the marine area, and here at BioMa we love books. Sources of learning and knowledge, our books cover the themes of the sea, ecosystems, climate change and nature in general.


Translation by Vicki Ann Holder