The REEFuge



Since summer 2019, the educational and recreational areas of Miramare MPA have been made even better with the inclusion of a new structure to support the BioMa. This is called the the REEFuge (from the English word reef). It is a fully equipped, open air classroom of 100 square metres, which has been built in the green area at the back of the Stables. There are tables, chairs, cupboards and toilets and it is covered by a bioclimatic pergola that can also n be closed on 3 sides, to provide shelter from rain and sun.
The space is mainly used for marine life watching activities and summer camps but it is also suitable for hosting outdoor workshops and can be used by classes visiting Miramare as a place to have a packed lunch. It is available for individual or family use, and also for clubs and associations. It can be used for a variety of recreational purposes, including birthday parties or other events. These can be combined with the educational and outreach activities that are offered by the WWF staff at the BioMa, the protected beach, the MPA, Miramare Park and the REEFuge. The REEFuge, which can be equipped with a projection screen and sound system, is also suitable for small presentations, debates, cultural or scientific meetings and has seating for 40 people.


For packed lunch or snack

Time available for use: max 60 minutes  

– for classes / groups that take part in full day activities at the WWF Miramare MPA (morning and afternoon): FREE

– for classes / groups that take part in single modules or half-day activities at the WWF Miramare MPA: € 2 per student 

For recreational or educational events

Price: € 50 for the first hour; € 30 euro an hour for the following hours


Translation by Vicki Ann Holder