The guided tour of the seabed and underwater environments surrounding the Miramare promontory is an unforgettable experience. There are two reasons for this. There is the under- water landscape, where its richness and variety of organisms have benefited from over 30 years of complete protection from any activity that might disturb it. The second reason is the external landscape, with historic Miramare castle as a backdrop to the activities, (and photographs!), of those who dive at its feet. All scuba-diving and free-diving activities are reserved for certified divers only. Divers are sup- ported by the Protected Area guides, who demonstrate and explain the characteristics of the environment and warn divers of the correct protocols for visiting so that the natural environment of the reserve is not disturbed.

WHO: For groups of a maximum of 8 licensed divers accompanied by 2 instructors (1 instructor for every 4 divers), as per the Regulations of the Miramare Marine Protected Area.

WHEN: All year round

HOW: Dives take place from boats, which depart from the port of Grignano, in two ways:





THE SCHEDULE: The programme lasts a total of about 3 hours, and begins with a brief presen- tation on the characteristics of the environment of the Protected Area. The group then boards the boat in the port of Grignano and is accompanied to the Castle reef, where the dive begins, along a planned route with a maximum depth of 9 metres. During the visit of approximately one hour, divers will have the opportunity to observe the different environments and the sea creatures and other organisms that distinguish the Gulf of Trieste but they must strictly adhere to the rules in force in the protected area.

EQUIPMENT: Participants must be in possession of suitable diving equipment; in no case will the Marine Area be able to provide diving equipment on loan.

PRICES: The cost of the dive is per group (8 divers + 2 instructors) and is equal to: > € 280 – daytime diving> and € 320 – nighttime diving

PAYMENT AND REFUNDS: The payment of the fee must be made by bank transfer no later than the Thursday before the visit itself. In the event that a cancellation is necessary, due to adverse weather conditions, (no later than the day before the visit), the payment will be re- funded or be used as payment for the trip if it is rearranged on another date. In the event that, despite an uncertain weather forecast, a group chooses to come in any case but the trip is not feasible for reasons of safety, (which is at the sole discretion of the Miramare MPA guides), 50% of the amount paid will be retained.


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Translation by Vicki Ann Holder