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It is an area where the conservation and protection of biodiversity are combined with the development of local economies, in a perfect union between Man and Nature.

Since the 1970s, thanks to this ability to reconcile the conservation needs of biodiversity and those of community development and well-being, the Miramare MPA has become part of the world network of Biosphere Reserves, established by UNESCO with the intergovernmental programme MaB – Man and Biosphere. 

Today, after an expansion that took place in 2014, the Miramare UNESCO MaB Reserve embraces a much wider strip of territory than the original nucleus and extends between the karst edge and the Gulf of Trieste, from Barcola to Aurisina and including almost the entire Trieste coast.

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In this area, ecosystems protection and scientific research applied to conservation activities co- exist with traditional production activities. At sea, traditional fishing activities and extensive shellfish farming make fishing possible here without depleting fish resources and without compromising them for future generations. On the karst slopes, among the woods and Mediterranean scrub, large terraced areas obtained from the steep slopes and surrounded by dry walls, are cultivated with vines and olive trees. These areas have been saved from the advancing karsic bush and have been returned to a respectful use of the environment and local traditions. 

Behind the Miramare Castle Park, a prestigious scientific campus brings together organizations and institutions of international standing, such as ICTP (link), TWAS (link) and OGS (link), which are all engaged in research and innovation in the service of science and in promoting scientific and technological progress in developing countries.

The Biosphere Reserve makes use of all these resources to promote environmental education and cultural dissemination programmes on marine ecology, sustainability, the landscape and coastal biodiversity, its historical-naturalistic features and land uses.

The Reserve supports local micro-economies based on traditional crafts, from viticulture on ‘pastini’ (agricultural terraces) to aquaculture and traditional fishing, involving the economic and productive actors in educational paths and in proposals for the ecotourism of the territory. This ranges from fishing tourism, to guided excursions on the Karst edge, all of which allow local producers to supplement their income and continue traditional activities that otherwise would risk disappearing.

The Coordination Table of the MaB Reserve

Inaugurated on the 3rd of December, 2019

WWF Miramare MPA

(Managing body appointed by the Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection) 

The Municipality of Trieste

The Municipality of Duino Aurisina

The Port Authorities

OGS – National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics

ICTP – International Centre for Theoretical Physics

The Historical Museum and Miramare Castle Park

Tourist Promotion FVG

The University of Trieste

The Order of Architects of Trieste

The Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Giulia – Aries Special Company – FLAG – Coastal Action Group of the FVG

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MaB Biosphere Reserve

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Translation by Vicki Ann Holder